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The mission of the STEM Development Foundation (SDF) is to bring together community leaders to foster Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, work to increase the number of participants in STEM programs in K-12, Technical Colleges and Universities, and to be a hub for STEM activities. The Foundation will achieve this purpose by supporting tasks such as the following:


Helping students better understand science, technology, engineering and math


Developing and supporting partnerships that will increase the number of students in STEM college and university programs


Supporting student success in STEM programs


Organizing industry and community leaders to increase community awareness of STEM jobs


Working with education leaders to increase the STEM student completion rates


Working with economic development agencies to improve current STEM programs and the need for new programs.

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Upcoming Events

8:45 am Basic Crime Scene Investigator @ CPCC Merancas Campus
Basic Crime Scene Investigator @ CPCC Merancas Campus
Jun 19 @ 8:45 am – Jun 22 @ 4:00 pm
Campers attending the Basic CSI camp participate in exercises that include techniques from the forensic laboratory and crime scene processing. Students will process and document mock crime scenes using “real world” techniques and equipment. They[...]
9:00 am GameTech Animators @ CPCC Levine Campus
GameTech Animators @ CPCC Levine Campus
Jun 19 @ 9:00 am – Jun 22 @ 4:00 pm
Bring your favorite Minecraft characters to life in an animated short film! Learn how studios like Pixar and Disney make movies like Inside Out and Frozen by using techniques like keyframing, tweening, texturing, and animating[...]
8:30 am Robotics Challenge @ CPCC Central Campus
Robotics Challenge @ CPCC Central Campus
Jun 26 @ 8:30 am – Jun 29 @ 4:30 pm
This is not the LEGO© that you grew up with! Campers learn STEM skills by using the most advanced LEGO© platform available to build and program robots. Campers gain experience in modern mechanical and software[...]

News from the STEM Development Foundation

Mobile Classroom to Connect Thousands of Students to Killer Whales

Thousands of elementary students from across the United States are expected to travel virtually to Washington state’s Penrose Point and Lime Kiln Point state parks in May to see orcas and other aquatic life in their natural habitats through Journey to the Parks, a...

NASA and Texas Instruments Launch STEM-Related Virtual Scavenger Hunt

NASA and Texas Instruments (TI) today launched “The Search for STEMnauts,” a virtual scavenger hunt designed to ignite students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Each week for the next six weeks, students in sixth through 12th grade will...

Siemens Launches Educational Program for Future CNC Machinists

The Lifelong Educational Advantage Program will give high school and technical school graduates basic-to-advanced machine tool knowledge. A new workforce development program engineered by Siemens aims to provide high school students and educators across the country...

2014-2015 STEM Development Award Recipients

1. Fort Mill School District

Dr. Chuck Epps

The Fort Mill District School Superintendent selected an exemplary STEM project at Fort Mill High School. The funds were used to help a team of students design and build an air boat. The design was based on student research.

2. Rock Hill District III

Saluda Trail Middle School

Ms Carolyn Moore and Brenda Campbell

The funds used the funds to set up a bird sanctuary at the school. The students working with the lead teacher documented the need for the bird sanctuary and developed a plan to put the sanctuary on the school campus.

3. Clemson Extension

Science on the Move

Ms. Robin Currence and Ms. Katie Rishebarger

The funds were used to recognize outstanding work by teachers who developed STEM modules and used them as part of “Science on the Move”.

4. SC Department of Commerce

Catawba Regional Education Center

Mrs. Lisa Robins

The funds were used to support teacher STEM internship with industry. The modules developed by the teachers were integrated into the teacher’s regular scheduled classes during the coming academic year.

5. Chester School District

Chester Career Center

Mr. Lee Green and Mrs. Anne Stone

The funds were used to support STEM teacher training and curriculum development at Chester Career Center and at Chester Elementary School Center for the Arts.

6. Piedmont Technical College

Predominately Black Institution (PBI) African American males in STEM Programs

Mr. Steve Coleman and Mr. Andy Omundson

The funds were used to support a needy African American male student in the college’s US Department of Education STEM program.

7. Phi Delta Kappa

Teacher STEM Initiative

Mr. Tom Teuber

The funds were used to support new teachers who graduated and are going into their first position in a school.

Foundation Staff

Dr. Edward F. Duffy

Executive Director
[email protected]
(803) 417-9030

Dr. Duffy has worked to develop the STEM Development Foundation during the last six months. He has over 35 years experience developing foundations at Community Colleges and Universities. He spent the last 25 years as executive director of a technical college foundation working with the board of directors to raise funds for scholarships and internships for students in STEM programs. He is a nationally recognized Development Professional and has been a Board Member and National President of the Council for Resource Development (organization for community college development staff). Colleges across the country have sought his consulting services in developing foundations and fundraising strategies, federal proposal development and evaluation. Working with the US Department of Energy, he established a local Energy Resource Center and served on a national board made up major research universities, utilities and National Energy Labs.

STEM Development Foundation: 725 Cherry Road, PO Box 4846 Rock Hill, SC 29732

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