By Brian Garner

Dr. Hamid Aboutorabi, director of the Giti Tire R&D Center, took time from helping with the tour for U.S Senator Tim Scott this week to talk about the skills the next generation of Giti scientists and researchers are going to need.

The Giti Tire Research and Development Center was recently transplanted from its Ohio location to the Chester County manufacturing facility.

At the R&D Center, materials that make up the brands of tire that Giti sells plus the tires themselves are put through a battery of tests, including some that simulate years of hard wear on the road.

Dr. Aboutorabi said his R&D department hires engineers, chemists, computer modelers and mechanical engineers, to name a few, so “any studies along those lines would be beneficial for the students.

“They can get into science programs, engineering programs, that’s where they would find jobs with the R&D Center,” he said.

Last year in cooperation with the Chester County School District, Giti Tire started the first STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) based award, the Giti Math and Science Award.

“We plan to be much more involved in the education aspect. Right now, we are recruiting researchers from the local universities, USC, Clemson and we plan to be more involved with the educational establishment in Chester County as well. The top-level Giti Tire management is very much interested in local education.

“We are here for not one year, five years or 10 years, we are here for the long term. To be successful, we need to train the local people that can come in and fill these jobs not only now, but a generation from now. That’s why Giti’s investment can have a big impact on the local community,” he said.

He recommended the parents of students in school now start talking to their children about considering STEM-based careers and consider taking more computer classes.

Dr. Aboutorabi said Giti plans to be very involved with the local schools and wants to support those STEM and STEAM-based programs in the schools.

“Ultimately, that will be for our benefit as well,” he added.