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Comporium, Inc., headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., is a diversified privately held communications company providing voice, video, data, wireless, security and advertising services. Comporium’s ventures include companies providing fiber transport and business solutions, data storage and managed services, smart devices and connected home/car services, and digital signage. Comporium’s area of operation encompasses York and Lancaster counties and the Midlands region of South Carolina and Transylvania County in North Carolina.


As a data center services and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, Immedion delivers the enterprise-level solutions of a national data center with the hands-on attention and agility of a local business. Immedion’s objective is to keep customer business-critical data and applications available 100% of the time 24x7x365. Since 2007, Immedion has been delivering fully redundant Cloud, power, Internet bandwidth, cooling and humidity control to the Carolinas’ business’ IT infrastructure. The Immedion enterprise level Cloud and data center infrastructure solutions minimize critical computer system downtime caused by commercial power outages, Internet problems, or other system failures. Immedion is headquartered in Greenville, SC and also has facilities in Charleston and Columbia, SC as well as Asheville, NC.

Williams & Fudge

Williams & Fudge was founded in 1986 and is a family owned business with the purpose of serving the higher education community. We aid colleges and universities in the recovery of education-related receivables. Specific debt types include Perkins Loans (Cohort management), tuition, campus-based institutional loans, Health Profession and Nursing Student Loans, private education (alternative) loans, and other receivables such as parking, room, board, and library fines. “Our Clients Serve As Our Board Of Directors.” This is not just a slogan. We realize that client relationships are very important. At Williams & Fudge, we believe that student loan management and collections should be a partnership between the institution and the collection agency.

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