Coming Spring 2019

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The STEM Development Foundation along with the Chester Economic Development and the Chester, Lancaster and York School Districts will  host the fourth Teen CEO Day at the Gateway Conference Center in Chester. There will be approximately 2,400 8th grade students form the Chester, Lancaster and York School Districts each day. Students will have an opportunity to meet with representative from more than 40 area companies and learn about career skills necessary to compete in the 21st century.

Students will also hear from Brooks Harper, nationally recognized speaker, who advises students on steps they can take now to ensure they will be able to prepare for a successful career, while meeting the workforce demands of our local companies.

STEM Development Foundation

The mission of the STEM Development Foundations is to bring together community leaders to foster Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, work to increase the number of participants in STEM programs in K-12, Technical Colleges and Universities, and to be a hub for STEM activities.

When it comes to the event Teen CEO Day, CEO stands for “Career Exploration Opportunity.” Teen CEO Day allows eighth grade students from Chester, Lancaster, and York Counties to talk with representatives from local companies about different career paths and the job skills necessary to excel in them. One of the goals of this event is to educate the students about the job opportunities available to them in South Carolina.

Serenity Williams, an 8th grader from Saluda Trail Middle School, says Teen CEO Day opened her “eyes to different fields.” Jasmine Consalvi, an 8th grader at York Middle School, adds to that, saying, “It’s helped me think about how I want to go through with finding a job and what majors I want to go into in college.”

Senator Mike Fanning says, “We always hear about the gap between what our students have and what our businesses need, and they call it a skills gap. What we see today happening is a way of getting in front of that.”

Amy Faulkenberry, a representative from the Piedmont Medical Center, says, “The workforce development concerns for businesses and overall economic development aren’t tackled with one event or one day, but it does make a difference and it does make our local students excited about local opportunities.”

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The 4th STEM Development Foundation Teen CEO Day
Coming Spring 2019
Gateway Conference Center

Gateway Conference Center

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Brooks Harper

Author | Speaker | Career Expert

Speaking words of encouragement hitting the head, heart & funny bone!

Middle School Presentation

Why Should We Hire You?

Brooks takes a question as simple as Why Should We Hire You?, to address a host of issues facing today’s middle school student without it sounding like the same old tired speech. With energy, enthusiasm and hilarious heartfelt stories, Brooks shows students how Academic Success, Relationships, Leadership Opportunities and Treatment of Others impacts their college and career options and future earning potential. He CONNECTS-THE-DOTS between TODAY’s decisions and TOMORROW’s options. Students walk away with a greater appreciation for their school, teachers, fellow students and community and inspired to make a difference in them all.


About Brooks Harper

Brooks Harper has spoken on hundreds of middle and high school campuses nation-wide to more than 400,000 students and educators. His Books Why Should We Hire You? and 7 Skills to Make Mills have been incorporated into Career and Leadership Curricula as the go-to books for teaching Student Success, Interview Skills, Self-Marketing, Personal Branding, and Soft Skills Development.

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